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Mrs. Heinrich's Home Page

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​Welcome to Mrs. Heinrich's Homepage​​​
Students and Parents ~ Please navigate through this site using the navigation bar at the top of my homepage for information regarding each of my classes (World Geography, World History and Physical Education).  You may use the left sidebar for ​my lesson plans for each subject. ​​​Students who are absent will find powerpoints presentations, assignments, note templates, etc for the days they missed under each subject.  ​

I did not write ​the following article, howvever I agree with all aspects of it.  Many students have asked, ​"Why do we have to learn this?  When am I ever going to use it?  How is this useful"? I feel this article really addresses these questions.  Most would argue that there is nothing more relevent to the present and the future, than the past.  Please read.  It is definitley worth your time!  

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